Windows Personalization design services

We design and package Windows desktop backgrounds, lock screen images
Outlook signatures and video screensavers.

Deploy these packages as an App using SCCM or Intune.

Elevate workplace communication: We craft informative desktop backgrounds, appealing lock screen images, professional Outlook signatures, and captivating video screensavers.

Conventional modes of communication hold significance, yet they often lack the ability to convey a message succinctly or deeply embed an idea. However, desktop backgrounds, Windows lock screen images, Microsoft Outlook signatures, and video Screensavers enforce a message with glamor and repetition. If you say it loud enough and often enough, it gets not only heard but also perceived.

Our Windows Personalization Packager has been the tool of choice for thousands of Enterprises to package and deploy Desktop backgrounds, Outlook signatures, and video screensavers.

Our Windows Personalization Design services take things further. We design and create deployment packages on your behalf under the following service plans.

Intelligent Personalization Packages

We don’t merely provide graphic design services. Each package is self-sufficient, lightweight, and simple to deploy. It dynamically adapts to screen setting changes and is verified by robust hash verification algorithms.

Each desktop Personalization Package can include one or more features depending on the selected service plan. Below are the available features.

the Desktop Personalization Package

Windows Personalization Design Specialist

Desktop backgrounds

Support images for multiple screen resolutions

Compatibility with various screen orientations

Auto-adjustment to screen configuration changes

Display pending reboot messages

Standalone solution requiring no additional infrastructure

Deploy package using SCCM or Microsoft Intune

Lock Screen In Device Frame

Lock screen images

Lock screen Image for landscape & portrait orientation

Display device use legal disclaimer

Multiple activation triggers

Display pending reboot messages

Self-contained solution with no extra infrastructure needed

Deployment through SCCM or Microsoft Intune

Windows screensaver

An eye-catching video as a screensaver

Video for landscape & portrait orientation

Display pending reboot messages

Independent solution with no additional infrastructure required

Deployment using SCCM or Microsoft Intune

Image of Outlook Signature set

Microsoft Outlook signatures

Personalized send message signature

Custom reply message signature

Works with multi-profile scenarios

Effortless User attribute substitution

Self-contained solution with no extra infrastructure needed

Deployment through SCCM or Microsoft Intune

The Campaign manager

The Campaign Manager enables you to schedule the initiation of Windows Personalization Packages. With an intuitive user interface, you can set start and end dates for each package and choose the user groups that will use specific packages. The Campaign Manager offers flexibility in installing multiple personalization packages side by side on the same device and switching between packages at specific dates and memberships.