Enterprise Desktop Personalization

Create UNLIMITED deployment packages for Windows Desktop backgrounds,
Outlook signatures and screensavers.

Deploy these packages as an App using SCCM or Intune.

the Desktop Personalization Packager

The Desktop Personalization Packager combines the following features into a simple package to deploy.

Desktop background

Support images for multiple screen resolutions

Compatibility with various screen orientations

Auto-adjustment to screen configuration changes

Tailored for remote work and BYOD environments

Standalone solution requiring no additional infrastructure

Deploy package using SCCM or Microsoft Intune

Microsoft Outlook signature deployment

Add personalized send message signature

Add custom reply message signature

Multiple activation triggers

Designed for remote work and BYOD settings

Self-contained solution with no extra infrastructure needed

Deployment through SCCM or Microsoft Intune

WPSecure Screensaver deployment

Windows screensaver deployment

Deployment of SCR File as a package

Scheduling via Campaign Manager

Multiple activation triggers

Optimized for work-from-home and BYOD scenarios

Independent solution with no additional infrastructure required

Deployment using SCCM or Microsoft Intune

The Campaign manager

WPSecure’s Campaign Manager enables you to schedule the deployment of Windows Personalization Packages and tailor your message. With an intuitive user interface, you can set start and end dates for each package and choose the user groups that will display the content. The Campaign Manager offers flexibility in deploying multiple personalization packages simultaneously within the organization while allowing campaigns to update seamlessly. You can also schedule a master package to deploy between campaigns.