Computer Desktop Background Design For Security-Centric Business

Graphically designed, encrypted and packaged as MSI for deployment using tools like SCCM or Intune.

Corporate desktop wallpapers that are deployment-ready.

80 + Screen resolutions

WPSecure desktop background packages assign unique background images to each Screen, preserving the structural integrity of the image and its message. A computer monitor oriented as landscape will have a landscape wallpaper assigned to it. A computer monitor setup with a portrait orientation will have a portrait wallpaper, thus keeping the message clear.

Cloud and on-premise deployments

Use existing deployment tools like Microsoft SCCM or Microsoft Intune to deploy the wallpaper packages. The deployed desktop wallpaper background package will install and change in real-time without the user having to restart or log out.

Desktop wallpaper campaign scheduling

WPSecure desktop background deployment packages allow side-by-side deployment of multiple versions. The WPSecure campaign manager enables organisations to change a message, introduce a new message or have different messages for various working groups to varying schedules within the organisation.

Enterprise desktop wallpaper security

WPsecure wallpaper backgrounds are encrypted and signed with encryption standards similar to those used by the U.S. government to protect classified information. The WPSecure wallpaper background deployment MSI file secures the encrypted computer background images using a digital signature.

Instant realignment and assignment of images

A WPSecure package automatically recalibrates and assigns right-sized images to screens when users change the screen resolution or orientation. This feature maintains image quality and enables laptop users to freely move from one desk to another without resetting their wallpaper when connecting to different external monitors.

No new infrastructure required

Use your existing deployment tools like Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (SCCM) or Microsoft Endpoint device Manager (Intune), Symantec Altiris or other MSI deployment tools to deploy the MSI file that contains the secure encrypted images.

About WPSecure

WPSecure desktop background packages help organizations run a robust internal communications campaign by promoting the company’s objectives, products, and services to employees using high-quality images. WPSecure wallpaper packages increase employee engagement with the company’s goals and foster brand advocacy.

Unlike traditional desktop wallpaper deployment platforms that require expensive servers and databases, the WPSecure enterprise desktop background packages do not need any backend server infrastructure or databases. It is much simple and more effective by all measures.

Our computer desktop background packages are digitally signed Microsoft Installer (MSI) files that contain securely encrypted image files. The package comes ready for deployment to Windows 11 and Windows 10. 

Organizations could use software deployment tools like Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (SCCM), Symantec Altiris, or other Cloud-based deployment platforms like Microsoft Intune to deploy the digitally signed Microsoft Installer (MSI) package.

WPSecure desktop wallpaper background packages come premade or can be custom-made to suit your organizational requirements.

Computer Desktop Wallpaper Background in landscape, encourages employees to work together.

Communicate with your whole organisation

A message that can’t be missed

Every user’s desktop is a mini-billboard. Maximise this existing communication channel with WPSecure’s Corporate Desktop Wallpaper. Promote your message to your whole organisation, simply and effectively – be it company values, health and safety advisories, cyber-security reminders, employee wellbeing, team building, or special events. Display a message that remains forefront – whenever a user logs in, or returns to the desktop, your statement is there. It’s a simple way to reach your whole organisation. Build awareness. Reinforce your values. Create an impact. Convey a message that can’t be missed.

Computer Desktop Wallpaper Background in landscape explaining the importance of building a great team.

Your message is sharp and clear

Automatically adjusts for 80+ screen resolutions

WPSecure’s innovative system ensures that every screen displays your message with the same high-quality graphics, automatically selecting the correct wallpaper for each user’s screen resolution and orientation. There is no distortion or pixelation. The image is not stretched or condensed to fit the screen. Standard screen, widescreen, tablet; the system will automatically adjust to display the full quality image. And if the user changes the screen, resolution, or orientation, the image will adjust to suit. With more than 80 screen resolutions in the installation package, your message will stand out on every screen.

A message to suit

Choose from ready-made packages or have your message custom-designed

Choose from a selection of ready-to-go images from our themes of health and safety, cyber-security, teambuilding, well-being and special events. These high-quality, value-for-money packages promote effective messages and are designed to allow space for users’ desktop icons to remain visible. For extra impact, have your wallpaper custom-made with your logo and content. Your WPSecure designer will work with you to create a unique desktop wallpaper to communicate your organisation’s message.

Computer Desktop Wallpaper Background in landscape, reminding employees install their software updates.

Simple and Secure

Corporate Desktop Wallpaper deployment has never been easier

WPSecure’s system is designed, encrypted and packaged for easy deployment to local and remote computers. Unlike traditional deployment platforms that require expensive, complicated server and client components, WPSecure’s system doesn’t need backend servers or databases. Using existing Microsoft tools, these desktop wallpaper packages are ready for Windows 10 and 11 users. Installation of new wallpaper happens in real-time, without the user needing to log out or restart. And, of course, all of WPSecure’s packages use high-level encryption and are digitally signed.

Computer Desktop Wallpaper Background in landscape promoting google sitting posture while working.


No subscription or user charges

WPSecure’s system maximises an existing communication channel to enable cost-effective communication with your whole organisation. Packages are priced per design, with no per-user or per-device charges and no ongoing subscription charges. Once you have purchased a package, you can roll it out to unlimited Windows devices and users within your organisation’s licence and use it for as long as you like. Please choose from our low-cost ready-made packages or purchase a custom design.

Campaign Manager - Corporate desktop wallpaper deployment

Plan your campaigns

Choose when and where your messages appear

WPSecure’s Campaign Manager lets you schedule the deployment of your desktop wallpaper to customise your message further. A simple user interface defines each package’s start and end dates and the user groups that will display the content. Campaign Manager offers flexibility in deploying multiple wallpaper packages simultaneously within the organisation while allowing campaigns to update seamlessly. The campaign Manager can also schedule a master wallpaper to deploy between campaigns.