Turn OFF or ON WPSecure loader


WPSecure wallpaper loader is by default, turned ON. Follow this guide to turn OFF the WPSecure wallpaper loader. WPSecure loader is the process that loads the WPSecure wallpaper packages.

Most organizations do not turn OFF the WPSecure loader. But there is a use-case for this setting when deploying WPSecure wallpaper packages for the first time.  If you are deploying WPSecure wallpaper packages for the first time, and you do not want to disrupt or change the current setup immediately, you can choose to Turn OFF the WPSecure loader temporarily by setting the following registry key.

Set the following registry value to ‘1‘ to disable the WPSecure loader.

For 64 bit machines:


For 32 bit machines:


Name:  wpsecuredisabled (dword).

Value:  0 (WPSecure will be enabled), 1 (WPSecure will be disabled).

WPSecure wallpaper disable or enable

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