WPSecure campaign manager
Campaign Manager - Corporate desktop wallpaper deployment
Campaign Manager - Corporate desktop background deployment

WPSecure wallpaper deployment has been designed for side-by-side deployment of wallpaper versions. This feature enables organizations to change a message, introduce a new message or have different messages for varying working groups within the organization. The WPSecure campaign manager controls this function.

Using the WPSecure campaign manager organizations can create schedules for varying WPSecure wallpaper package versions and assign them to employees based on their department, geography, or other collections. Administrators can also assign priorities to campaigns to avoid campaign conflicts.

Using the campaign manager is optional but is recommended. The campaign manager provides organizations with the flexibility to deploy multiple WPSecure wallpaper package versions and start/stop the usage of WPSecure package versions based on a schedule and groups.

WPSecure wallpaper packages update immediately after a WPSecure wallpaper package version is installed based on the rules set within the campaign.

Corporate desktop wallpaper deployment has never been easier.