Computer Desktop Wallpaper Background in landscape promoting health and safety.
Protect yourself and others.

This corporate desktop wallpaper package lays down some basic guidelines for employees to stay healthy and safe.

    • Cover your coughs or sneezes with tissues or your elbow.
    • Put your used tissue in the rubbish bin or in a plastic bag.
    • Wash and dry your hands often especially after coughing or sneezing.
    • Stay away from others if you are unwell.

Please download, Install and test the demo WPSecure wallpaper package before purchasing premade or custom packages.

The WPSecure wallpaper package will be downloaded as a ZIP file that contains an MSI (Microsoft Installer) file within it. The MSI file has the following constituent elements.

    • Secure encrypted wallpaper images for 80+ Screen resolutions; includes both landscape and portrait images. ( Click to view supported Screen resolutions)

    • The WPSecure logic engine.

    • Custom actions for advanced event management.

    • Custom actions for clean-up during uninstall.

    • Logic for minimum requirement checks.

    • Digital signature for advanced tamper protection.

WPSecure wallpaper packages run on top of Microsoft’s .NET framework and requires a healthy framework both from a security and functionality perspective.

Following are the minimum requirements for a WPSecure desktop wallpaper package.

    • Windows 10 1709 or higher.
    • .NET framework 4.6 or a higher variant.
    • The SYSTEM should meet Microsoft’s recommended requirement for Windows 10 and Windows 11.