Prerequisites and recommendations

The WPSecure wallpaper will only run on the below Windows Operating Systems. dotNet framework 4.6 or a higher variant is required.

  • Windows 10 1709 and higher.
  • All Windows 11 versions.

Hide “Wallpaper settings page” but allow automatically changing wallpaper background.

Remove these settings:

Active Directory group policies or other policies that ‘prevent changing desktop background‘ will interrupt and stop WPsecure processes.

WPSecure will not override desktop wallpaper set using Active Directory group policies or other global policies.

Set the following policy to ‘not configured‘.


Make sure ‘desktop wallpapers’ are not set by enforced policies.


If using Intune, make sure the below setting is disabled or removed.

Add these settings:

You can hide specific Settings pages via Registry or Intune CSPs.

Using the registry:

Create a new ‘String Value‘ and name it ‘SettingsPageVisibility‘ under the following registry key.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\ Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer


Using Intune:

Hide the settings pages entirely using the “Device Restrictions” configuration profile.

As shown in the image below, pages corresponding to “Wallpaper background” changes are hidden.

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