Uninstallation can be done through the Control Panel or using the command line

Open the control panel and look for the below items; then right-click and uninstall.

  • WPSecure campaign manager
  • WPSecure wallpaper (One or more)

uninstall WPsecure wallpaper


Command-line uninstall information for version

WPSecure campaign manager

Uninstall : msiexec /X”{05D36583-E25F-5C48-98D5-729FE979BC1B}”

WPSecure wallpaper: (for demo package). The uninstall information for the paid WPSecure wallpaper packages will be distributed with the package.

Uninstall : msiexec /X”{05D365CE-99F6-4485-8F5C-EC55F7ACE80E}”

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