Uninstallation can be done through the Control Panel or using the command line

Open the control panel and look for the below items; then right-click and uninstall.

  1. WPSecure campaign manager (Only visible if Campaign manager is installed).

  2. WPSecure wallpaper (One or more).

uninstall WPsecure wallpaper

Command-line uninstall information

WPSecure campaign manager

Uninstall : msiexec /X”{05D36583-E25F-5C48-98D5-729FE979BC1B}”

WPSecure wallpaper:

Uninstall : msiexec /X”{product uninstall guid}”

Powershell script to unistall all WPSecure packages.

$wpsecureobjs = gwmi -Class win32_product ` 
   | Where-Object {$_.Name -eq "WPSecure wallpaper"}
foreach ($wpsecureobj in $wpsecureobjs) {
    Start-Process "C:\Windows\System32\msiexec.exe" `
    -ArgumentList "/x $($wpsecureobj.IdentifyingNumber) /quiet /noreboot" -Wait

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