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WPSecure Personalization Packager is the ultimate solution for seamless and consistent deployment of personalization across your organization’s network or cloud. Our pricing model is straightforward and affordable at just 199 USD per user per year or approximately 50 cents per day.

Say goodbye to the complexities of deploying desktop backgrounds, Microsoft Outlook signatures, and screensavers. With the WPSecure Personalization Packager, organizations can quickly deploy personalization packages to their devices using tools like Microsoft SCCM or Intune. The personalization engine automatically installs and applies the packages without requiring a restart or logout, ensuring a seamless and consistent user experience.

But don’t just take our word for it – try it out for yourself! Download the Windows Personalization Packager demo by clicking the Download Now button and experience the power of effortless personalization first-hand. 

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Invest in the WPSecure Personalization Packager today and take the first step towards effortless personalization for your organization.

Create unlimited personalization packages.

199 USD / Year.

Looking for support?

Please note that support hours are not included in the initial purchase and must be acquired separately. While the Packager is designed to be self-explanatory and user-friendly, we understand that your organization may still need our specialized expertise. This could be for various reasons, such as understanding specific features, optimizing the use of the Packager, or integrating it into your existing systems. Our team is ready and willing to assist you in these areas to ensure you get the most out of our product.

  • Training: Learn how to use the WPSecure Personalization Packager effectively.
  • Training: Master the scheduling process using the WPSecure Campaign Manager.
  • Assistance: Get help with creating WPSecure Personalization packages, which include Desktop backgrounds, Outlook signatures, and Windows screensavers.
  • Management Assistance: We can help you manage your internal communications using tools like desktop backgrounds, Windows screensavers, and Outlook signatures.


Note: Support can only be purchased by subscribers.

235 USD / Hour.

What to anticipate following your purchase?

Every necessary step has been taken to ensure a smooth provisioning of required licenses and accounts after your purchase. However, in the realm of technology, there can be instances where things may not go as planned. In such cases, please know that our dedicated support team is always ready to assist and ensure everything works as it should. Your seamless experience is our top priority.

  • You will shortly receive an email with your invoice and purchase confirmation. Please check your ‘Junk’ or ‘Spam’ folders if it’s not in your inbox.
  • If the provisioning process encounters any issues, our team will be notified, and your subscription will be set up within the next 2 New Zealand working hours. If you haven’t received any communication from us within this timeframe, please get in touch with us via the Support page.
  • Download the Personalization Packager by clicking on the button on the top right corner of this page.
  • Once your purchase is complete, navigate to the Personalization Packager. A ‘sign up now’ link is beneath the login screen. Click on this link to finalize your registration process. Complete the registration process using the email address supplied during purchase.