Computer desktop wallpaper background | Message clarity

Computer Desktop Wallpaper Background in landscape, reminding employees about hazards and risk in the work place.

There are no rules for the images used as desktop backgrounds on personal computers, laptops or tablets devices. People around the world use images for genres like movies covers, celebrities, cars, nature and art.

But images used for enterprise desktop wallpaper backgrounds should flow strict rules and guidelines for the following reasons.

  1. Cultural, religious and political sensitivity.
  2. Brightness and contrast – Health and safety.
  3. Screen sizes and orientation.

Corporate computer desktop background images provide valuable real-estate for internal communications to employees. Message clarity is paramount; stretching or pixilation of images would interfere with the functioning of the internal enterprise communication campaigns.

Listed below are a few examples of effecive enterprise computer desktop wallpaper background images. Click to view their ‘Portrait’ image couterparts.