WPSecure demo package.

The demo wallpaper package helps Customers freely install and thereby understand the functionality and logistics of the WPSecure wallpaper package.

We encourage our customers to download, install and test the demo WPSecure wallpaper package before purchasing premade or custom packages.

The demo WPSecure wallpaper package will be downloaded as a ZIP file containing an MSI (Microsoft Installer) file. The MSI file has the following items.

    • Secure encrypted wallpaper images for 80+ Screen resolutions, including landscape and portrait images.

    • The WPSecure logic engine.

    • Custom actions for advanced event management.

    • Custom actions for clean-up during uninstall.

    • The logic for minimum requirement checks.

    • Digital signature for advanced tamper protection.

WPSecure wallpaper packages run on top of Microsoft’s .NET framework and require a healthy framework both from a security and functionality perspective.

Following are the minimum requirements for a WPSecure desktop wallpaper package.

    • Windows 10 1709 or higher.
    • .NET framework 4.6 or a higher variant.
    • The SYSTEM should meet Microsoft’s recommended requirements for Windows 10 and Windows 11.
    • Remove group policies that restrict changing of desktop wallpaper backgrounds. Click here to read more.
    • More prerequisites are listed here ==> Click here.

Test scenarios:

    • Install the MSI file and verify if the demo wallpaper package takes effect immediately.
    • Change Screen resolution on one or more Screens to another supported resolution and verify if the wallpaper changes accordingly. Supported screen resolutions.
    • Change Screen orientation from Landscape to Portrait and back to Landscape and verify if the wallpaper changes accordingly.
    • Log out and log in to test for abnormalities.
    • Uninstall the package and verify if the uninstall process completes and does so successfully.