Enterprise Desktop Personalization Packager

Create deployment packages for Windows desktop backgrounds, Outlook signatures & screensavers.

The Desktop Personalization packager combines the following features into one package that’s simple to deploy.

Desktop background
Outlook signature
Windows screensaver
Cloud and on-premises deployments
Campaign manager

About the packager

The WPSecure Personalization Packager is an efficient solution for packaging desktop backgroundsscreensavers, and Outlook signatures for deployment using tools like SCCM, Intune, or other software distribution tools.

The WPSecure Campaign Manager can help facilitate the start date, end date, and priority of the personalization packages created by the Packager.

Every personalization package is self-sufficient. They do not require expensive Servers or Databases. Furthermore, the packages automatically adjust to changes in Screen resolution or orientation.

You can deploy up to approximately 80 Desktop background images per package to accommodate multiple screen resolutions and orientations.

Each Desktop Personalization deployment package can optionally include 2 Outlook Signatures – New and Reply. An optional Windows screensaver can also be included in the package.

Desktop background deployment package

Maximize your organization’s communication with WPSecure’s Desktop background deployment feature. Transform every desktop in your organization into a mini-billboard and effectively promote your message – company values, health and safety advisories, cyber-security reminders, employee well-being, team building, or special events. With WPSecure, your statement remains at the forefront, visible whenever an employee logs in or returns to the Desktop.

WPSecure’s innovative system ensures high-quality graphics on every screen, automatically selecting the correct image for each screen resolution and orientation. There is no distortion or pixelation – the image is not stretched or condensed to fit the screen. Whether it’s a standard screen, widescreen, or tablet, the system automatically adjusts to display the full-quality image supplied in the package. And if the screen resolution or orientation changes, the image will adjust to suit. Organizations can add images for nearly 80 screen resolutions in the installation package, ensuring the message is clear on every screen.

Deploying WPSecure’s personalization packages to devices connected to your local network or the cloud is easy and hassle-free. With deployment tools like SCCM and Microsoft Intune, you can quickly and efficiently deploy Personalization items to all devices in your organization.  Make an impact and convey a message that cannot be missed with WPSecure.

wpsecure personalization-packager screensaver

Microsoft Outlook signature deployment package

Deploy Microsoft Outlook signatures for new and reply-to messages easily using WPSecure Personalization Packager. Designed to automate deploying consistent, branded email signatures across an organization. IT administrators can deploy customized email signature packages in minutes, including logos, contact information, disclaimers, or promotional messages. Enjoy hassle-free, uniform, and professional email signatures throughout your company with WPSecure Personalization Packager.

The Outlook signature engine employs placeholders that can be replaced with user attributes such as ‘first_name’, ‘last_name’, ‘email’, ‘mobile’, or any other user-specific information you want to display in the Microsoft Outlook signature. This allows for high customization and personalization in your email signatures. Make an impact and convey a professional image with WPSecure Personalization Packager.

Please note that the Microsoft Outlook signature module is an adjunct feature to the desktop background module. The WPSecure Personalization Package requires at least one desktop background image to function properly. This ensures that your organization’s branding is consistently displayed across all devices while allowing for personalized email signatures. With WPSecure Personalization Packager, you can maintain a professional and uniform image across all communication channels.

WPSecure Screensaver deployment

Windows screensaver deployment package

While the tool does not create screensavers, WPSecure Personalization Packager is an efficient solution for packaging custom Windows screensavers for deployment across your organization’s network. This tool allows administrators to consolidate existing custom screensavers and prepare them for deployment to all users within the organization. This ensures that everyone has access to the same screensaver, reinforcing brand identity throughout the network.

Please note that the Microsoft Windows screensaver module is an adjunct feature to the desktop background module. By using WPSecure Personalization Packager, you can ensure that your organization’s branding is consistently displayed on all screens while also providing an engaging and visually appealing experience for your users. Reinforce your brand identity with the help of WPSecure Personalization Packager.

Desktop Personalization deployment packages help maintain a consistent and professional image across all channels, from desktop backgrounds to email signatures.

Windows Personalization Packager

The Campaign manager

WPSecure’s Campaign Manager enables you to schedule the deployment of Windows Personalization Packages and tailor your message. With an intuitive user interface, you can set start and end dates for each package and choose the user groups that will display the content. The Campaign Manager offers flexibility in deploying multiple personalization packages simultaneously within the organization while allowing campaigns to update seamlessly. You can also schedule a master package to deploy between campaigns.

WPSecure Personalization Packages provide a professional solution for quickly and efficiently deploying multiple versions of Desktop backgrounds, screensavers, and Outlook signatures. The Campaign Manager makes it easy to update, change, or create new campaigns for different user groups within the organization. You can schedule campaigns based on your needs and preferences, ensuring that your message reaches the right audience at the right time. With WPSecure Personalization Packages, users receive relevant, accurate, and up-to-date personalization at all times.