Frequently asked questions | Premade Enterprise Desktop Background Packages

Does WPSecure corporate desktop wallpaper packages require new back-end Servers and Database to be setup?

No. Organizations can use existing software deployment tools like SCCM or Intune to deploy the MSI packages. These Enterprise computer wallpaper packages are deployed as MSI files.

Can we deploy these enterprise desktop wallpaper packages using AD group policies?

Yes, you can. WPSecure enterprise wallpaper packages are packaged as MSI files. The files can be deployed using Active Directory group policies. Click here to read more.

Will WPSecure corporate desktop background packages work in my environment?

WPSecure wallpaper packages leverage the power of Microsoft .NET framework. WPSecure packages have proven to run effectively on machines that meet the minimum functional requirements of Windows 10.

But, We understand that every environment is unique. There could be software conflicts, security lock-downs, and other variables that could affect the functionality of any Software.

Download and try our demo package before you order a custom package or before you download a pre-made package. Download demo.

Are the WPsecure enterprise desktop wallpaper images secure?

WPsecure corporate desktop wallpaper background images are encrypted and signed with encryption standards similar to those used by the U.S. government to protect classified information. WPSecure wallpaper deployment package secures the encrypted wallpaper images using a digital signature.

Can I deploy WPSecure corporate desktop background packages to Cloud connected computers?

Yes you can. If you can deploy software as an MSI file to a device (in the cloud or on-premise) you can deploy WPSecure enterprise wallpaper packages.

Read about the minimum requirements here.

Can I deploy multiple corporate desktop wallpaper packages and choose based on a schedule?

WPSecure corporate wallpaper deployment packages have been designed for side-by-side deployment of wallpaper versions. This feature enables organizations to change a message, introduce a new message or have different messages for varying working groups within the organization. The WPSecure campaign manager controls this function. Read more.

Do you design custom corporate desktop wallpaper images too?

Yes. We can do the following

  • Computer desktop wallpaper background design (80+ screen resolutions).
  • One-click deployable digitally signed corporate wallpaper MSI package.
  • Provide the wallpaper switching engine with the package.
  • Provide the WPSecure wallpaper campaign manager.

Where can I find information about WPSecure Corporate desktop wallpaper price?