Computer Desktop Wallpaper Background Blurry, Stretched or Pixelated?

Computer Desktop Wallpaper Background in landscape, reminding employees install their software updates.

I can attribute multiple reasons for the blurriness of a desktop wallpaper background. If the desktop wallpaper image file is plain or has simple-large pictures the blurriness will be less pronounced. More intricate designs and smaller texts will appear blurry.

Corporate desktop wallpaper backgrounds deployed within organizations follow strict design guidelines to avoid pixilation and blurriness. Messaging clarity takes precedence over image complexity. Image properties like aspect ratio, screen resolution, pixels per inch, screen orientation and screen placement are scrutinized during the corporate wallpaper background design process.

Listed below are a few reasons for computer desktop wallpaper background blurriness and pixilation.

Windows JPEG import quality: By default, Windows sets the compression of the desktop wallpaper background image to 85%. If the quality of the original image used as the desktop wallpaper background was not good, a 15% compression would further reduce its quality. Click here to find out more.

Image pixel density: Pixel density, commonly referred to as dots per inch, or dpi, consists of two components: screen resolution and physical screen size. The default DPI for Windows is 96 dpi. The default setting of 96 dpi implies that there are 96 pixels per horizontal inch of screen area. Ideally, the dpi setting of an image will correspond to the physical measurements of the screen.

The aspect ratio: Most organizations set their desktop wallpaper background image to “Fill” the desktop space. This is done to avoid “Centering” or “Tiling” the desktop wallpaper background image. “Centering” the desktop wallpaper background image will display a default desktop background color around the sides of the image If the size of the image is different to the size of the screen.

Image orientation: It is worth emphasizing the importance of screen orientation. Using a perfectly designed landscape desktop wallpaper background image on a portrait screen will result in the image being stretched or centered (with background color) based on the personalization settings. It is important to design landscape desktop wallpaper background images for landscape screens and portrait desktop wallpaper background images for portrait screens.

A WPSecure corporate desktop wallpaper background package assigns a unique wallpaper to every Screens with varied resolutions: Portrait and Landscape; preserving the structural integrity of the image and its message. A computer monitor oriented as landscape will have a landscape wallpaper assigned to it and a computer monitor setup with a portrait orientation will have a portrait wallpaper set on it, thus keeping the message clear.

WPSecure enterprise desktop wallpaper packages contain 80 + images for screens of different resolutions and orientations.